EMBÉ pronounced /em: be/ was derived from the founder’s name “Mirabelle”. Mirabelle Uche is a Nigerian fashion designer and founder of the clothing brand. Founded in 2019, Embé is a womenswear brand that plays on balancing the feminine side of a woman with a bit of edge. We believe that women should be whoever they want to be. Our brand is centered around comfort and confidence.

This clothing line was influenced by the endless search of “self”. Embé promotes individualism and confidence. Our vision is to create sustainable clothing that represents a world without diversity. Our design process is minimal with a blend of modernized ethnicity, with attention to detail.

Mirabelle as a sustainability enthusiast, spent two years studying the fashion industry and has discovered ways to create a more ethical business model for the brand which includes sourcing fabrics locally, seeking design inspiration and collaborating with ethical manufacturers.

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